14. Intex Giant Inflatable Floating Mat

Best Floating Water Mats in 2019 Reviews

Sunbathing gets a new twist

Instead of soaking the sun on a fragile air mattress, switch to one of the best floating water mats in 2019. These mats will make sun bathing a lot easier and you can keep them stationary when you need to.

Our floating mat review

14. Intex Giant Inflatable Floating Mat – Best Floating Water Mats

14. Intex Giant Inflatable Floating Mat - Best Floating Water Mats

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Measuring 114 by 84 inches in size you and a friend or two can get on this floating mat and soak up the fun and sun. Even with a little weight on top of it, this water mat makes sure you and your friends do not sink.

The mat will only let a little water over its edge. It should be just enough too keep everyone cool. Then the new design allows for maximum amount of air to be used. Made from 20 gauge vinyl, the mat should be able to resist punctures and tears while you use it.

The good news with this water mat is that it has connectors. You can keep it stationary or hook it up to other water mats for even more fun.

13. World of Watersports Inflatable Floating Water Walkway


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Having choice and flexibility is a good thing. This water mat is part of a system that gives you lots of choice and flexibility in how you use it. You can use it individually or use the zipper connection  system and add more mats.

The mat will start off at 6 by 10 feet but you can always make it larger and get more friends on top. Expansion can be as great as 6 by 30 or 6 by 50 feet in size. The sky is the limit when you purchase this water mat for your water fun.

Also, attached grommets help you keep your new water mat stationary. 6 foot ropes let you have a little leeway and allows you to float with the waves. You can connect it to two boats and make a walking path.

12. Outroad Floating Mat – Floating Foam Pad

Increase your water fun by turning to this 18 by6 foot water mat. Once in the water your kids can run and jump on it without causing any damage. Made to handle over 1300 pounds there is no limit on what your kids can do when you put this mat in the water for them.

Made from XPE foam, the mat is durable, holds up to 8 kids, doesn’t give off any odor and designed to keep bacteria away. You get nothing but good clean fun with this water mat.

Storage is easy as well. Just let the air out and roll it up. To keep it clean just use a little soap and water and wipe it down after every use.

11. Bestway CoolerZ Tropical Breeze Inflatable Floating Island

This floating mat gives you your own private island. It will hold up to 6 people and has 6 cup holders for your convenience. Then if you want to take a nap, extra wide pillows are part of the ensemble.

The water mat measures 153 by 108 inches and has built in seats covered by a sun shade. The sun shade is removable if you want more sun shining on your body. Plus, if you get hungry, the cooler bag can keep sandwiches or other snacks nice and cool.

Also, the durable plastic should hold up to the water movement rivers, oceans and lakes bring. You can use this water mat just about anywhere water is.. Inflating the mat i snot difficult and can be done through special pumps or even an electric leaf blower with adapter.

10. Aqua 3-In-1 Roll-Up Pool Float

There is those times when you just want to be alone on the water or sand. This 3 in 1 water mat can be use din the water or on land to give you a little privacy as you relax or sunbathe.

Measuring only 72 by 26 inches in size, one person has lots of room to enjoy the spring or summer day. One of the items you have to worry about with this water mat is its weight capacity. It will only hold about 250 pounds.

Another of the items you might have a little trouble with are the inflation and deflation plugs. Make sure to read the instructions carefully. The soft and comfortable mesh construction feels good against your skin and should be very durable. These water mats are available almost everywhere.

9. Superday Floating Water Mat

This brand of water mats provides you with a little choice. You can choose between yellow and blue colors and 3 different sizes. That will make your family fun better. Each size holds a different amount of weight.

The 9 by 6 size holds up to 660 pounds; the 12 by 6 holds 880 and the 18 by 6 holds over 1300 pounds. This allows you and your family to have friends along for the ride. An elastic rope lets you tow the water mat to where you want to be on the lake or ocean front.

When it comes to storing, you just roll it up and use the 9 buckle straps to secure it into position. Its made from durable XPE foam.

8. O’Brien Playfield

Inflating this water mat is super easy. It comes with its own pump to handle that chore. Just hook it up and start the pump and soon you will be having lots of water fun.

Plus, it is easy to move in and out of position. Convenient handles let you get a good hand hold. Just grab the handles and move the water mat where you need it. The heavy gauge construction and reinforced seams make sure the air you put inside stays there.

The mat measures 18 by 6 feet in size with a 4 inch thickness. More than enough for your day at the beach. D rings are also included to help you tie the water mat so it won’t float away on you.

7. Maui Mat

You can feel like you are in Hawaii even though you are on a lake in the mid-west with this Maui themed water mat. Measuring 14 by 6 feet in size, you can get a lot of kids on top of this mat. That is if their combined weight is under 1000 pounds.

The water mat is just under 2 inches thick and weighs only about 25 pounds.That makes storing it and moving it to and from your water spot simple and easy. Hook and loop straps make sure the mat s=does not unroll when not in use.

Made from durable 2 layer foam, this water mat should last you for a long time under normal use.It is fun for the whole family.

6. ChillRaft Original Floating Mat

The 1 1/2 inch thickness helps keep this water mat on the surface and prevent it from sinking under the water even with a lot of weight on it. The 6 by 16 foot measurements give your kids lots of room to play and jump into the water.

Once you unroll this mat, you can use the attached grommets to secure it in place so it will not float away. An anchor is also included to help the grommets keep the mat where you want it.

The weight capacity may be a bit on the low side for such a large water mat. Regardless of that limitation, this water mat is easy to use,unroll and packed full of fun.

5. Fun Float Floating Water Mat

You can learn to walk on water once you have unrolled this water mat and put it in the lake, river or ocean. Its 18 by 6 foot size gives you plenty of length to walk on water and get to your favorite diving spot.

The triple layered construction materials measure just under 1 1/2 inches thick. But that doesn’t stop this water mat from being tough and durable. The nylon material is also tear proof.

To store the mat just roll it up and use the included nylon belt to keep it rolled up. That system also makes unrolling simple and easy. On top of that, a heavy duty mooring attachment m=makes sure you can lock this water mat into position and keep the water from moving it away from you.

4. O’Brien Water Carpet

A grommet system ensures that this water mat will not be carried away by the current or waves. Just attach this mat to a secure stationary item and you are good to go for the day.

Once you have the water mat in place, you can get up to 6 people on its 18 by 6 foot dimensions.  Even with its 1 1/2 inch thickness, this water mat stays on or near the surface throughout you or your kids’ activities.

3 layers of foam provide the durability and strength. Plus, the foam keeps it from sinking when all 6 people are on board. Weighing only about 30 to 35 pounds, this mat is easy to carry from the car to the shoreline and back again.

3. WaterMat Plus

This water mat brings you extra length and thickness. You get 2 inches of foam to play on and 6 by 20 feet of size to sunbathe or do other activities. With no air inside, you do not have to worry about punctures or leaks.

Plus, there is no maintenance needed except a little cleaning. Just wipe them at down with soap and water and it will be ready for your next day at the beach. Once you have cleaned it, just roll it up for easy storage. A belt keeps it rolled up till you need it again.

Then, once it is in the water this water mat is rated to hold up to 1500 pounds. The larger versions hold even more weight.

2. FedMax Floating Water Mat

Designed for fresh or salt water, yo have a lot of options when you purchase this water mat. Then you can use it by yourself or invite up to 10 friends or family members to join you. This water mat will hold over 1500 pounds, but not much more.

Measuring 18 by 6 feet in size, you have 1 1/3 inches of thickness keeping you afloat and above the water. Then when you are done, two Velcro straps hold the water mat in its rolled up position.

Anchoring mechanisms are built into the design of this mat. You can have lots of fun while remaining safe near the shore. After you unroll this mat, you should be able to place up to 10 kids and adults on top without any trouble

1. Big Joe Waterpad/Bean Pool Float

The strength of the EVA foam construction materials allow you to put simple lawn chairs on top of this foam mat. You can even add a cooler and still have room for 3 friends. That is how tough and durable this water mat is.

On top of those facts, you even get 4 cup holders to make sure your drinks do not spill and empty into the water.  Mooring lines are included in your purchase and keep the water mat secure while you have your water fun.

Velcro straps will hold the mat in its rolled up storing position with ease. Overall, the water mat measures only 15 by 6 feet in size. That is still large enough to have lots of fun for the day.

Some final words

There are lots of ways to have fun at the beach these days. Technology and human creativity always finds a way to improve or upgrade existing water toys. These water mats are no exception and technology has made them easy to use and a lot of fun.

These water mats improve on water safety, give you better water activity options and are made to stay where you put them. You can’t ask for more from a water mat.

Best Floating Water Mats in 2019 Reviews

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